ISSUE № 2, 2020

Maiboroda Olha

Transport infrastructure in global development of logistics

Bahorka Mariia

Strategic planning of marketing activities of agrarian enterprises

Berezina Lyudmila, Bratanov Bohdan
Characteristic features of competitive intelligence and industrial spying of enterprises

Bogatska Nataliia
Theoretical aspects of unemployment and its relationship with the labor potential of the enterprise

Breus Svitlana
Organizational and economic tools for managing the economic security of higher education institutions

Vasylykha Nataliia, Indus Kateryna
Management of financial potential of a commercial enterprise: the essence and interaction between sectors of the economic system

Vovk Tatiana, Solidor Natalia
Scientific and technical progress as a factor of intensification of the production process of agricultural complex of Donetsk region

Volkova Nina
Methodical aspects of company’s business-analysis

Havrysh Оksana, Fediunin Serhii
The role of the broker in the implementation of trading operation on the stock exchange

Horodniak Iryna
Features of consumption of food products of Ukraine

Hudz Nataliіa
The shadow economy in Ukraine, the factors of its existence and ways of detinization

Davydenko Iryna
Features of the cluster model activity organization process based on the medical tourism sphere

Zhosan Hanna, Kyrychenko Nataliia
Implementation of proposals to increase the effectiveness of the pricing policy of a retail enterprise

Ivonchak Iryna
Features of enterprise economic security in Ukraine

Klochko Tatiana
Formation of the organizational-economic mechanism of increasing the effectiveness of the activity of agricultural enterprises

Kniazieva Tetiana, Radchenko Ganna
The theoretical basis of marketing instrumentation formation of the green economy concepts development

Kolomytseva Elena, Vasylchenko Lidiya, Burtseva Tetiana
Marketing communications as factors in the integrated method of enterprise competitiveness research

Kupyra Myroslava, Sheiko Yuliia
Peculiarities of concentration of the insurance market of Ukraine

Liashenko Ruzhena
Modernization of system agricultural management in the EFQM efficiency requirements application of the European fundamentality

Romanchukevich Vitalii
Obligatory attributes of the state financial policy for sustainable development

Ulanchuk Volodymyr, Zharun Olena, Tupchii Oksana
Economic essence of hospital intensification

Khytra Olena
Application of downsizing technology for the implementation of the personnel management strategy

Chernikhova Olena
Functioning transport and logistics centers

Chichulina Kseniia
Evaluation and provision of effective production and commercial activity on the example of the Semenovskiy regional consumer company

Biletska Iryna
Approval of innovation development management of tourist enterprises with modern trends of globalization and functioning of traveling

Mendela Iryna, Zhumbei Marianna, Rumiantseva Iryna
Innovative strategies of hotel enterprises

Osadchuk Irina, Kirichenko Natalya, Bolila Svitlana
Theoretical aspects of development of craft organic family farming as a direction of innovative activity of domestic family farms

Bodnariuk Iryna
Financial inclusion: status and prospects

Buhrimenko Roman
Theoretical basis of developing marketing strategy for interaction with retail trade entities

Dubynska Olena
Research of theoretical and practical approaches of assessment of the level of financial and economic security of the enterprise

Kovalova Mariia
Fundamentals of the risk management system in the foreign economic activity

Lipych Lubov, Khilukha Oksana, Kushnir Myroslava
Efficiency and effectiveness of human resource management based on competencies

Nikitenko Kateryna
Transformation of approaches to the content of the price policy

Pistunov Igor, Demura Viktoria
Forecasting likelihood of problems for losses to Privatbank's employees

Potapenko Tetiana
Intellectual capital as a component of increasing economic potential of enterprise

Rovenska Viktoriia
Mediation as a method of resolving social conflicts in Ukraine

Salimon Olha, Mykolaichuk Iryna, Rasulova Alla
Strategic development of hotel business actors brending

Sapotnitska Nataliia
Innovative measures in the activities of the domestic commodity exchange

Stepura Viktor
Assessment of the effectiveness of the integrated financial planning system

Tarasova Valentyna, Kovalevska Iryna
Unique natural complexes for eco-tourism in Ukraine