ISSUE № 6, 2019 (Part 1)

Zenona Atkočiūnienė, Daiva Siudikienė
Manifestation of innovative leadership in cultural organizations: what is it like? 

Dziubanovska Nataliia, Yeromenko Valerii, Seniv Halyna
The application of binary classification methods for evaluation of international trad

Laikova Kateryna, Gudz Petro
Comparative analysis of the decentralization process in Ukraine and Poland

Bogush Larysa
Asymmetries of mobility in the Ukraine’ labor market: factors, threats, productive potential of realization

Vodovozov Yevgeniy, Palant Oleksii
Development of the capital's public transport in the context of "the Kyiv development strategy until 2025"

Haman Halyna
Labor migration: features and consequences for the economic development of our country

Hlynskyy Nazar, Girna Olga, Savchenko Yulia
Change of the paradigm of low-urban systems management in the process of implementing administrative-territorial reform

Hlivinska Yuliia
Scientific aspects of definition of production strategy of enterprise

Honchar Svitlana
The essence and significance of credit and investment policy in the national economy

Hrynchyshyn Iryna
Mechanisms for ensuring optimal distribution of financial resources of Carpathian region territorial communities in the context of financial decentralization

Dashko Irina
Risk management in management of industrial enterprise management

Evtushenko Victoria, Kudinova Marina
Mechanism of pricing in Ukraine

Zolkover Andrii
Financial market regulation models: global experience

Kapral Olha
Content marketing as a method of influencing the consumer

Katsemir Yana, Alieshchenko Liudmyla
The essence and key aspects of the study of the economic category "enterprise management system"

Kish Halyna
Low cost airlines as a strategic factor of tourism infrastructure development

Kononova Oleksandra
Formation and implementation of the building industry development strategies in Ukraine

Kuzmynchuk Nataliia
Methodical toolbox for regional disproportions regulation in Ukraine

Kundieieva Halyna, Solomka Olga
Health as a factor of socio-economic development of the country: an integrated approach

Leskova Svitlana
Personnel competence and competitiveness of retail trade enterprises

Lytvynenko Tatyana
Importance of neo-industrialization for modern Ukraine

Lipych Lubov, Khilukha Oksana, Kushnir Myroslava
Strategic objectives of enterprise competences management

Mahiiovych Ruslana, Mahiiovych Ihor
Labor migration in Ukraine: causes and consequences

Melnyk Iryna, Antoshkova Nataliia
Potential of restaurant enterprise in providing client-oriented servise

Obruch Anna
Organizational and resource support digital transformation of railway transport

Perepeliukova Olena
Methodical support of financial potential assessment of the regions of Ukraine

Pletnev Mykhailo
Expert assessment of the situation and prospects of production sphere in Ukraine

Radchenko Oleksander
International economic integration of agroindustrial complex of Ukraine in the conditions of globalization

Robul Yuriy
Marketing, wellfare, access to technologies and development of socio-economic systems


ISSUE № 6, 2019 (Part 2)

Romanov Arthur
Ensure healthy lives in the context of sustainable development

Svydruk Irena
Infrastructure support management of internal trade development in Ukraine

Simakhova Anastasiia
Ukraine in the global coordinates of the transitive social economy model

Sudarkina Lyudmila
Means of providing resource conservation with infrastructure support of the enterprise activities in agriculture

Tkachuk Haluna
Structured model of economic security system of transformational transformations of the enterprise

Turlo Natalia, Markhonos Svitlana
Unemployment in Ukraine and tourism development as a factor of its reduction

Tiutiunyk Inna, Chmil Alla
Theoretical fundamentals of managing the tax gaps in the economy

Chmil Alla
Modeling of the beekeeping sector by using the AGMEMOD model for Ukraine

Cholii Lina
Methodical instruments of financial controlling in the public sector of economy

Vovk Evgenii
To the issue of place and role of share market in the modern economy

Danylovych-Kropyvnytska Marta, Levytska Yana
Analysis of the state and the perspectives of innovation market development in Ukraine

Zhygalkevych Zhanna
Risks of innovative projects in mechanical engineering quasi-structures

Zhygalo Ivan
Structural analysis of the functioning of the banks of foreign banking groups in Ukraine

Kolesnyk Maksym, Komandrovska Veronika, Sozynova Iryna
Open innovations as a demonstration of a modern model of innovative process

Kolodyaznaya Iryna
Analysis of the maritime enterprises investment attractiveness

Kostyrko Lidya, Solomatina Tetiana
Strategic development of the financial potential of the agricultural sector in the foreign economic spher

Kravchenko Sergey
Prerequisites for regulation of the national innovation system development

Ordynskyi Volodymyr, Shevchenko Yuliia
Internet marketing as one of TNС’s investment directions

Skvortsov Igor, Grynash Liliia, Skvortsov Denys
Innovation as a measurer of economic innovation

Franchuk Tamara
Financial sector in innovation development of Ukraine: regulatory aspect

Boichenko Kateryna
Factors of integrated enterprise development

Zinovieva Oksana
Economic development of cities: introducing smart technologies

Melnyk Oksana
Methodological basis of capitalization evaluation in modern enterprise activities

Noniak Mykhailo
Organizational innovations of telecommunications enterprises: summary, assessment and implementation

Pietukhova Olha, Stepanchuk Svitlana
The formation and use of intellectual potential in the national economy of Ukraine

Potetiuieva Maryna
Role of discordant assets in the structure of the property complex of railway transport

Semenchuk Tetiana, Vasilyha Sergiy
The application of the continuous improvement concept for enterprise effective development

Kobzar Olena
Features of formation of the compensation mechanism in the sphere of environmental protection taking into account the ecosystem approach

Turyanskyy Yuriy
Transformation of production ecosystems to circular economy

Kharchenko Olga, Kuzavsky Mykola
Development of resource saving strategy at railway transport enterprises