ISSUE № 2, 2017

Bashuk V.
Transformation of the world market of genetically modified food under the impact of globalisation

Bryhadyr V.
Educational policy of the European Union countries as factor of socioeconomic inequality overcoming

Kolinets L.
Theoretical concept of global financial order

Konrad Y.
Analysis of streams of gross value added in Ukraine in the context of integration to global value chains

Reikin V.
International experience of accumulative pension system and prospects of its implementation in Ukraine

Stetsenko B.
Subjective diversification and unification of financial infrastructure: global format

Shlapak A.
Global financial market in a globalizing economy

Shumkova V.
Analysis of agricultural insurance market in the EU

Avanesova N.
State regulation of processes of ensuring economic security of enterprises of the defense industry of Ukraine

Bodrova D.
Institutional factors of the neo-industrialization of the national economy under global changes

Varshavska N.
Application of the principles of the functioning of general agrarian policy on the Ukrainian market of the agriculture industry

Govorko O.
The evaluation of the effectiveness of the healhcare system in Ukraine

Kalinina A.
The features of acceptance of the management decision-making on integrated development of the region

Kovalova M.
Certification of products in the European Union: requirements and procedure

Kozhukhova T.
National public funding of basic sectors of sustainable development in Ukraine: trends and features

Kuzenko T.
Strategic approach to enterprise financial risk management

Minenko M.
Instruments of Influence on the tobacco industry of Ukraine

Omelyanenko M.
An analysis of the factors that determine the formation and growth of national debt in Ukraine

Parsyak V., Lomonosov A., Parsyak К.
System of economic motivation of industrial enterprises

Plahotna N.
Analytical assessment of the crisis condition of engineering industry business entities

Podzihun S.
Management of marketing communication in hotels and restaurants

Savitskyi A.
Enterprise’s profitability management based on maximization of profit and factors of export orientation

Suvorkina O.
Procedure of selection of priority programs of regional development

Surai A.
Methodical bases of monitoring the business environment of Ukraine: the development level index in the regional section

Sushko N.
Problems of the formation and management of deposit risks of banks

Demyan Ya.
Methods and tools of evaluation of investment maintenance and sustainable development of the agricultural sphere

Lyzunova O., Pridatko E.
Innovative orientation of management as a means of improving enterprise efficiency

Pankov A.
Evaluating the effectiveness of investment machine building

Tkatchuk S., Stakhurska S., Stakhurskiy V.
Innovations in updated scientific communications

Ustynov R.
Development of investment processes in regions of Ukraine

Alieinikova N.
Formation of the value factors system of the joint-stock company

Vysochan O.
Rro-model of accounting policy in the activities of off-budget non-profit-organizations

Gandzyk O.
Information, organizational and methodological support of financial statement analysis

Kolisnichenko P.
Economic security in small and medium-sized entrepreneurship

Kuzmyn V.
Using tutoring for improving the quality management system of higher education

Melnyk S.
An impact of financial fraud on a financial security of a commercial bank

Pavelko V.
Infrastructure development of regional airports: equipment project of the paid entry system to the station square of the international airport “Zaporozhye”

Saiensus M., Karnaukhova A.
Aspects of introduction of information technologies in small business

Sotnychenko V.
The intellectual-personnel potential of telecommunication enterprises

Boiko V.
Diagnostics of determinants of economic security development of rural areas

Halynska Y.
Main issues of the rental composition in the formation of revenues of extractive companies

Martiienko A., Tiutiunnyk H.
Development of property relations as a basis of natural resources rationalization

Milinchuk О.
Evolution of tourism studies as research object

Yakubenko Yu., Amelina Yu.
Economic security of agricultural enterprises certified according to organic standards