ISSUE № 3, 2018

Ballack E.
The concept of new regionalism in context of arab region’s countries integration

Garnyk L., Dychko A., Shapran E.
Regionalization of world economy through prism of globalization theories: from trade roads to contemporary financial centers

Rybakova T.
Methods of foreign economic activity financial regulation: theoretical aspects

Shpak N., Budz O.
Diagnostics of enterprises-applicants for receiving the status of an authorised economic operator in the conditions of European integration

Bakurova A., Didenko A., Pshegorlins’ka O.

Comprehensive approach to managing the viability of the enterprise on the basis of harmonic analysis and system-dynamic modeling

Berher A.
Vocational education training of workers for enterprises of meat processing industry

Vetrogon O.
Wage – tool of motivation in labor

Vityaz A.
Estimation and prospects for development of machine-building industry of Ukraine

Havrylchenko O.
Modeling the adoption of managerial decisions on the assessment and analysis of the quality of the enterprise products

Harmatiuk О.
Modern system of production distribution of enterprises

Demyanenko O.
Process of development of the development strategy of enterprises

Izhevskyi P.
Agro-industrial complex of Ukraine: contemporary state, trends and prospects of development

Korchynskyi I.
Scale effect and architectonics of agrarian sphere

Kotsko T.
Rethinking approaches to the formation of the state’s economic policy in the face of increased threats to economic security

Lotysh O.
Strategic analysis of the grain industry of ukraine: status and prospects of development

Lysevych S.
Ways to improve the internal economic mechanism of the enterprise

Melnik V.
The necessity of state regulation to ensure socio-economic development

Neshkumai (Grygorenko) А.
Place of the industrial complex in the national economy

Odnorog M. Odnorog M.
Evolution of institutional structure of the agrarian sector of Ukraine under the influence of innovative development

Rechka K.
Necessity, potential and directions of economic growth and development of modern agricultural production

Silakova A., Pietukhova О.
Modern views to management of the company's equity capital

Bielousova S.
Features of drawing and improving direct foreign investment in the modernization of the economy of Ukraine

Hnot T.
Autotagging and using of visual characteristics of images in internet-marketing

Palchevych G.
Budgetary regulation of innovation development

Smyk R.
Formation of investment resources as a basis for overcoming investment insecurity

Tabenska J.
Foreign capital in the banking sector of Ukraine

Falovych V., Yakymyshyn L.
Innovation as a basis of emergent qualities development in the supply chain of investment goods

Chaika T.
The methodology of economic-statistical estimation of financial component of innovative potential (the case of enterprises of hotel and catering business)

Shl’onchak V.
Modelling of efficiency improvement of bank’s investment portfolio formation

Vasurenko L.

Normative and legal determinants of labor organization of public liability organization

Danik N., Rud I.
Cryptocurrency: development possibilities or threat of shadowing to Ukraine

Duchenko M., Udovytska E.
Business-models analysis in the software market

Kostina O.
Reengineering the business processes as a tool of anti-crisis management of the enterprise

Krasovska O.
Instrumentation of assessment of the level of the consumer perception of marketing assets of the enterprise

Prysakar I.
Automation of modern business as a result of informatization of society

Rotan N.
Improvement of the organizational and economic mechanism of management of intellectual capital of the enterprise

Semenenko O.
Features of organizational culture of higher educational institutions and providing their competitiveness to the services market

Sovyk M.
The ways of improving the organization and keeping records of ecological costs accounting and displaying information about ecological costs in firm’s reporting

Spitsyna N.
Some features of settlements valuation by national and international standards of accounting and reporting

Mykulanynets S.

Modern approaches to logistic potential evaluation of the tourist and recreational complex of the region