ISSUE № 6, 2017

Vasiuk Y.
Corporate income tax as incentive for transfer policy of TNC

Voloshanska A.
Influence of the deindustrialization after 2008-2009 world economic and financial crisis on the present economic processes

Samsonova L.
Modern condition of contractual relations’ development in the system of international production and sales cooperation

Abasov V.
Organization of the performance audit of the state budget expenditures in the energy sector

Babiy I.
Application of methods of mathematical modeling in prognosis of foreign economic activity of machine-building enterprises

Vasyltsiv T., Rudkovskyi O., Lupak R.
Institutional and structural aspects of the formation of a system of state management processes of import substitution

Derenko A.
The development of tools of regulation of market of aquaculture products

Dielini M.
Social reporting in the assessment of socio-economic responsibility of enterpreneuership

Dombrovska S.
Evaluation of efficiency of the financial resources management of enterprise

Kvasnii Z., Kvasnii O.
Effective marketing strategy and its role in business development

Kobets D.
Marketing decisions in the strategic management of the enterprise

Kustrich L.
Features of providing resource potential of agricultural enterprises in the modern economic realities

Lyakhovych H.
Outsourcing in accounting from the perspect of the theory of transactional costs

Marshuk L.
Development of organizational and economic mechanism of forming and use of resource-financial potential of enterprise

Nosyriev O.
Exogenous factors influence the strategic orientations of industry

Pischyk O.
Methods and principles of improvement of housing in public housing at the state level

Polishchuk N.
Crediting of agricultural holding as a priority composition of development of economy of Ukraine

Proskurina M.
Value of spatial factors in development of the cultural industries

Razborska O., Iefremova O.
State support realization ways for domestic small entrepreneurship in the Ukraine’s development European vector

Reikin V.
Influence of tax determinant on national economy shadowing

Semeniuk I.
Factor and criteria aspects of foreign economic activity adaptation of enterprises to the conditions of European integration

Simkiv L.
Directions of improving the process of formation and implementation of national projects

Suska A.
Substantiation of market economic transformation institutional environment for forest sector of economy

Hynda S.
Features of investment attractiveness of intellectual capitalization of economy of Ukraine

Kalachevska L.
Multifunctionality of rural territories as a factor of innovative development

Kret I., Petrushka T.
Investment-innovative mechanisms of providing competitiveness for enterprises

Rudoy V.
The effect of globalization for development investment activities in Ukraine

Smyk R.
Evolutional approach to the definition of the economic category of investments

Stetsenko B.
Banks in the modern model of financial infrastructure in Ukraine

Suvorkina O.
The role of privatization for infrastructure development

Ustynov R.
Modern approaches in management of transport infrastructure

Zaluzhnyi A.
Needs in the context of economic approaches: from marxism to institutionality

Laptiev V.
Dialectics of human resources management approaches development

Mandra V.
Information and analytical support of the sea commercial port financial and economic activity management processes

Skypnyk M., Hryhorevska O., Vygivska I.
Amicable agreement as a means of recovery of the debtor's payment: accounting, economic and legal aspects of implementation

Khodakovsky Ye., Plotnikova M., Mosienko O.
Gudstals of goodwill in corporate management of enterprises

Androshchuk I., Bondarchuk L., Dubynchuk L.
the introduction of investment tehnologies and programs is an important component of the development of a regional economy in the Volyn region