ISSUE № 6, 2020

Title page


Rohovska-Ishchuk Iryna, Mykhailyna Diana
Transformation of the world derivatives market in the conditions of financial instability

Stoyanets Nataliya, Yuanyuan Xia, Jialong Shen
Popularization of preschool education in the context of rural human resources development

Bahorka Mariia, Yurchenko Nataliy
Marketing reserves to increase the competitiveness of the enterprise in modern conditions

Derlytsia Andrii
Institutional mechanism of public finance and public choice

Dzhadan Iryna
System analysis of risks and threats of international, investment and environmental components of industrial and technological development for development

Zayukova Maryna
The necessity of intensification of integration processes in development of processing enterprises of the region

Ivanchenko Vitalii
Theoretical and methodological basis of evaluation of the economic component of sustainable development of entrepreneurship in agriculture

Kirian Olena, Sharovkina Maria, Shigimaga Olga
Impact of HR development on the organization's anti-crisis development

Korotun Olha
Assessment of strategic guidelines for the development of the country's tourism industry during the period of economic instability

Kruhlova Olena, Ketova Tetiana
External factors of trade enterprise private labels development

Milinchuk Olga
Evolution of indicators for value-based management needs

Nesterenko Svitlana
Formation of strategic goals of socio-economic development of the region with the purpose of growing the level of its competitiveness

Osypova Yevheniia
Mechanism of adaptive reengineering business processes of transport enterprises

Pakhota Nataliia
Adaptive management mechanism of the enterprise organizational culture

Pichkurova Zoia
World practice of state support for small and medium enterprises in COVID-19 pandemic

Plyaskina Alona
Influence of factors of environment on development strategy of the enterprise on development

Rachynskyi Oleksandr
Analysis of factors influencing the financial sustainability of machine-building enterprises

Tabenska Oksana
Functioning of clusters in the regional and tourist complex of the region

Tkachenko Victoriia
Disadvantages and ways of improving the economic mechanism of environmental management

Shyian Nataliia, Honcharova Kateryna
Time series analysis of sunflower production in Ukraine

Babchynska Olena
Components of the personnel management mechanism of the innovation-active enterprise

Zgalat-Lоzynska Liubov
Features of state labor market regulation under conditions of innovative development of the economy

Krupka Mykhailo, Urba Svitlana
Investment providing of development of the agrarian sector of economy of Ukraine

Tiurina Maryna
Fixed assets as a tool of the financial risk management of transport enterprises

Shilova Tamara
Capitalization as an indicator of the efficiency of economic activities

Yaremko Larisa, Yaremko Sofiya
Smart specialization as a practice of promoting regional development enhancement

Bakurova Anna, Didenko Anastasiia
Information transparency of the financial and market state of private educational institutions

Klipkova Oksana, Tsebenko Oleh
International transfer of technologies in the aspect of commercialization of objects of intellectual activity

Fesun Iryna
Evolution of criteria for recognition of non-current assets of budgetary institutions

Yekel Hanna
Strategy of the company development for production of environmentally safe products

Ivanchov P.V.
Analysis of factors influencing the efficiency of the medical system in Ukraine