ISSUE № 1, 2018

Vasurenko L.
The mechanism of state regulation of the organization of wages on the example of economic models of foreign countries

Kovalova M.
The need for transformation of the technical regulatory system in Ukraine

Mihushchenko Y.
Problems and innovative strategic approaches and tools of development of cross-border cooperation between Ukraine and the European Union in the conditions of decentralization

Petrenko V., Karnaushenko A.
Factors of business environmentally risk in globalization conditions

Povoroznyk M.
Transformational alterations of Ukraine healthcare system: dimension of European integration

Babii I.

Conducting monitoring of the basic parameters of the development of fea in the mechanism of strategic management of the enterprise

Vlasova K.
Formation of the methodological base for diagnostics innovative regional development

Gnatenko I., Rubezhanska V.
Regional labor market of the Lugansk region: the present state and the reasons of the unsatisfactory functioning

Gogol I.
Factors influence on forming the marketing strategy of agrarian enterprises

Hrinenko А.
Corruption – is the main threat of economic safety of Ukraine with the entry in the European Union

Gudz Y.
Priority directions on the completion of the banking system's problem

Drachuk Yu., Savyuk L.
Sphere of educational services as a decisive factor for forming the economy of knowledge in the territory of Ukraine

Zelenko O.
Forming of decisions on territory economic development within in volvment of regional population

Ivanova V.
DNA of innovation as the structural-forming element of the national innovation system

Kazandzhi A.
Strategic vectors of development of the market of organic products in Ukraine

Karp Ye.
Optimization of aggregate public expenditures on defense in Ukraine

Koshelek H.
The present state and prospects of development of wholesale trade in Ukraine

Levchynskyi D., Kovalenko-Marchenkova Ye., Kirnos O.
Interrelation of factors of competitiveness of the branch potential with its components

Malynovska Y., Petryshyn N., Zhezhukha V.
Indicators of intensification of activities of the communication system staff in the context of reengineering of information flows of enterprises

Merkulova T., Bitkova T.
Model of tax behavior considering income distribution: system-dynamic approach

Moroz O., Bezsmertna O., Shvarts І.
Effectiveness of expenditure in the logistic system of mill processing enterprises

Morozov Ye.
Theoretical bases of forming an anti-crisis strategy of enterprise’s development

Nahorniuk O.
Company’s financial potential types classification

Panasyuk V.
Methodology of analysis of resource capacity for ensuring social development of the region

Pishenin I.
Main principles for providing system organizations of transport transportation of app production

Polishchuk N.
Mechanism of implementation of mortgage schemes of crediting of agricultural agriculture

Horal L., Prokopiv M.
Classification of sources of danger of economic security of gas transporting enterprises

Savchenko Yu.Т.
Actualization of the transition of companies-manufacturers of complex-technical systems on the Ukrainian security market from the traditional approach of management to the concept of supply chain management

Saluka I.
Peculiarities of an orchard capitalization as an asset

Stashchuk O.
Assessment of market activity as an indicator of the financial security of machine-building complex enterprises in Ukraine

Kholodylova A.
Regulation of activities of non-bank financial institutions in Ukraine

Tsymbaliuk K.
Vitiviniculture industry – state and development issues in Ukraine

Shumilo O.
Scientific and methodological approach to the evaluation of the influence of external environmental factors on the economic security of retail trade enterprises

Berdar M.

Theoretical aspects of the development of the processing industry of Ukraine in modern conditions

Bolila S., Osadchuk I.
Improvement of the system of supporting the innovative development of agricultural formations: a regional aspect

Kornieieva I.
Peculiarities of practical implementation of digital transformation of investment policy of Ukraine

Lоkhman N., Pasichnyk N.V
Identification of objects of innovative infrastructure

Morhachov I.
Alternative pension provision of self-employed population

Nafus I.
System of values as a basis for social capital formation

Smyk R.
The current social and economic state of agro-industrial complex in Ukraine in the context of its investment providing

Belz O.

Influence of social signals on site ratings

Vankovych D., Ivaskevych K.
Conceptualization of the logic survey of financial controls

Vartsaba V.
Commodity-price policy as an important banking marketing tool

Honchar M.
Indicators of the efficiency of formation and use of stress management systems and their influence on resulting performance indicators of the enterprise

Khodakovsky E., Ivanyuk O., Plotnikova M.
Gestalt paradigm systems management

Kraus N., Kraus K.
Digitization under institutional transformation of the economy: basic components and tools of digital technologies

Melikhova T.
Improving the principles of supply and management of economic safety of an industrial enterprise

Mironenko M.
Genesis of the systemic banking crisis

Olievska M.
The financing of social protection in the context of reproduction of human capital

Proskurina M.
On the issue of determining the structure of the culture economy

Synenko M.
Saaty’s method decision-making on the example of a small business enterprise

Fedosov V., Drobyazko A., Stetsenko B.
Cryptocurrencies: a chance for overcoming of externals or financial bubble?

Khalimon T.
Methodological aspects of telecommunication enterprises competitiveness level modeling

Kushnir S.O.
Analysis of risks of Ukraine's agrarian sector and methods of prevention and response

Bazhenkov I.
State regulation of architectonics of national education