ISSUE № 5, 2018

Konokhov S.
The role of national economies in the global food problems structure

Shlapak A.
Us national currency as a component of global competitive leadership in globalization conditions

Shuprudko N.
The influence of fiscal instruments on economic security indicators of the state

Vasurenko L.
Analysis of the influence factors on state regulation of organization of remuneration of labour

Halaiko A.
Financial support of development of agricultural servicing cooperatives

Gerasimchuk Z., Svida I.
Capacity building for a permanent strategy of the region in the high-technological environment

Gyrych S., Loyanych G.
Modern views on consumer preferences and problems of safety of vegetable oils

Golubkova I.
Regularities of sustainable development of maritime cruise industry

Dikan L., Shevchenko I.
Development of mechanism for development of public financial audit of budget programs implementation

Zhuravlova Yu.
European experience of education financing: measurement for Ukraine

Zanozovska O.
Influence of factors on the activity of enterprises

Kalicheva N.
The impact of public administration on the effective development of rail transport

Kompanets K., Navrodskaya T., Moroz K.
Internet role-technology in the development of the services sector company

Mardus N.
Estimation of influence of economic and political factor on development of the internal market of goods

Pogrebnyak L.
Analytical support for strategic management of resources in agrarian enterprises

Rizva L.
Substantiation and generalization of the theory of cyclical development of the real estate market

Sydorchuk A.
Development of state social insurance in Ukraine

Urba S., Chervona O.
Analysis of structural changes in the agricultural sector of the Ukrainian economy

Ustynov R.
Formation of model of management by culture of the enterprise

Zhykhor O., Samoylenko I.
Socio-economic evolution of regions in the context of energy efficient model of the economy

Mamonov K., Velychko V., Abolhacanzad Alireza
Development of the integrated approach to estimation of the investment attractiveness of fuel and energy companies

Nikytenko D.
De-shadowing of the economy as a factor of growth of the real investment

Ohorodnyk V.
Ukrainian state-owned banks loan portfolio analysis

Onishchenko V.
Mechanism of approval of solution based on concept of continuous training

Voroniuk T.
The corporate social responsibility of coffee business as a component of its competitiveness (the case of starbucks)

Hrechanyk N.
Internet marketing as a method of business management in globalization conditions

Manko N.
Information support of the intermediate conclusions of the auditor in the process of performing the audit task

Morhachov I.
Problems and prospects of development of business incubators in Ukraine

Chirva O., Bogashko A.
Knowledge network as a particular form of the organization partnership in conditions of joint use of intellectual assets

Shedyakov V.
Scientific-intellectual potential in the composition of public wealth

Shulyar R.
Support of flexibility and adaptility of business processes quality management at enterprises