ISSUE № 5, 2017

Zasenko О.
Strategic guidelines of the world market e-commerce development

Klepanchuk O. strong>
International experience of financing pre-school and school establishments as a pledge of the future and prospects for its implementation in Ukraine

Kovbasa V.
Complementary currency systems and cryptocurrencies: classification and usefulness

Prygara O., Zhurylo V.
Constructing of economic category “international positioning of goods” and the mechanism of forming of positioning strategy on an international market

Ryabchenko K.
Influence of phases of large economic cycles on the Ukraine’s food market

Sukhostavets A.
The impact of global processes on social capital of agricultural sphere

Babij I.

Strategic models and methods of enterprise’s foreign economic activity management under the WTO conditions

Zhelizko O.
Government regulation of institutional changes as one of the main determinants of the economic security system of entrepreneurship

Zabaldina Y., Taranenko A.
Tourist destination’s event portfolio formation

Ovchynnikova V.
Transformation of the theory of strategic management by development of railway transport

Petrenko N.
Social and economic forecasting and evaluation of marketing potential agrarian sphere Ukrainian regions

Ruden’ V.
About the risks in the legislative implementation of economic mechanism to pay the provided medical services to the population in Ukraine “money follows the patient” and ways of their minimization at the level of the rural united territorial communities

Sirenko S., Merezhko N., Ternova А.
Features of activity of service enterprises in the market environment of Ukraine

Chakalova K.
Characteristics of the organizational environment of the internal labour market on the example of Ukrainian pharmaceutical companies

Kalenska V.

Investment provision of agricultural enterprises in the territories polluted by radiation: problems and ways of optimization

Leshuk H.
Spatial asymmetry of the investment processes in development of regions infrastructure of Ukraine

Rubanov P.
Online alternative finance for small entrepreneurship: cross-country analysis

Serzhanov V.
Evaluation of resultability of the state investment policy

Gudz’ Yu.

Problems of economic stakeholder management of borrowing-growing business enterprises

Danchevs’ka I.
Perspectives for development of public financial audit of local budget implementation

Karmazinova V.
Marketing communication policy of the marketing research agencies

Kovalenko D.
Hotel product competitiveness research based on evaluation of synergetic relationship of its formation processes

Cherep A., Urusova Z.
Automatization of ACMH as a tool for housing management in Ukraine

Shedyakov V.
Accentuation of intellect-capacity creativity is the condition of formation of the economy based on knowledge

Iankovets T.
Managing efficiency of enterprise activity of clothing enterprises in modern conditions